The Cases Chronological Table

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ADV: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
MEM: The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
RTN: The Return of Sherlock Holmes
HLB: His Last Bow
CAB: The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes

1874 (MEM) Gloria Scott, The
1879 (MEM) Musgrave Ritual, The
1881 ----- Study in Scarlet, A
1883 (ADV) Speckled Band, The
1886 (MEM) Resident Patient, The
1886 (ADV) Noble Bachelor, The
1886 (RTN) Second Stain, The
1887 (MEM) Reigate Squires, The
1887 (ADV) Scandal in Bohemia, A
1887 (ADV) Man with the Twisted Lip, The
1887 (ADV) Five Orange Pips, The
1887 (ADV) Case of Identity, A
1887 (ADV) Red-headed League, The
1887 (HLB) Dying Detective, The
1887 (ADV) Blue Carbuncle, The
1888 ----- Valley of Fear, The
1888 (MEM) Yellow Face, The
1888 (MEM) Greek Interpreter, The
1888 ----- Sign of Four, The
1888 ----- Hound of the Baskervilles, The
1889 (ADV) Copper Beeches, The
1889 (ADV) Boscombe Valley Mystery, The
1889 (MEM) Stockbroker's Clerk, The
1889 (MEM) Naval Treaty, The
1889 (HLB) Cardboard Box, The
1889 (ADV) Engineer's Thumb, The
1889 (MEM) Crooked Man, The
1890 (HLB) Wistaria Lodge
1890 (MEM) Silver Blaze
1890 (ADV) Beryl Coronet, The
1891 (MEM) Final Problem, The
1894 (RTN) Empty House, The
1894 (RTN) Golden Pince-nez, The
1895 (RTN) Three Students, The
1895 (RTN) Solitary Cyclist, The
1895 (RTN) Black Peter
1895 (RTN) Norwood Builder, The
1895 (HLB) Bruce-partington Plans, The
1896 (CAB) Veiled Lodger, The
1896 (CAB) Sussex Vampire, The
1896 (RTN) Missing Three-quater, The
1897 (RTN) Abbey Grange, The
1897 (HLB) Devil's Foot, The
1898 (RTN) Dancing Men, The
1898 (CAB) Retired Colourman, The
1899 (RTN) Charles Augustus Milverton
1900 (RTN) Six Napoleons, The
1900 (CAB) Probles of Thor Bridge, The
1901 (RTN) Priory School, The
1902 (CAB) Shoscomebe Old Place
1902 (CAB) Three Garridebs, The
1902 (HLB) Disaparance of Lady Frances Carfax, The
1902 (CAB) Illustrious Client, The
1902 (HLB) Red Circle, The
1903 (CAB) Blanched Soldier, The
1903 (CAB) Three Gables, The
1903 (CAB) Mazarine Stone, The
1903 (CAB) Creeping Man, The
1909 (CAB) Lion's Mane, The
1914 (HLB) His Last Bow

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